Hunting Jelenice

Obora Jelenice
Obora Jelenice

Obora Jelenice is located in the Opava region between the towns of Hradec nad Moravicí and Vítkov. Its location is accentuated by the picturesque valley of the Moravice River, on the right bank of which the nature reserve is located. The difference in altitude between the lower part of the reserve near the Moravice river and the upper part of the reserve near the village of Jelenice is 180 m. With an area of 276 ha, this elevation guarantees hunting in rugged and very varied terrain with the possibility of wonderful views of the river valley.

The main species of game kept in the nature reserve are fallow deer, mouflon, Eastern Dybowski's Sika deer, and red deer.

The history of the Jelenice Game Reserve dates back to 1805, when a 575 ha game reserve was established on the Hradec Manor. The nature reserve was initially set up for wild game and fallow deer, only later did the owners plant black game there. After the passing of another century, the Jelenice Nature Reserve is being restored for the introduction of professional breeding of fallow deer, mouflon, tall, black and Sika Dybowski deer, approximately on the cadastral territory of the former nature reserve. 

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Hunting  Jelenice

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