Pheasant Albertovec - service offer

In the newly renovated hunting house right in the pheasant area, the last hunt, the announcement of the king of the hunt and the hunting court take place to the sound of hunting fanfares and in the spirit of hunting traditions. Observance of hunting habits and traditions during the entire course of the hunting day has a natural and very pleasant effect on hunting guests. After the end of the hunting day, guests can also order dulcimer music and sit with friends by the fireplace in a beautifully and modernly equipped hunting lodge. Pheasant hunting in Albertovec is organized with regard to the maximum enjoyment of the hunt.

The pheasant hunting package is intended for individuals or groups of up to 5 hunters. The basic price of the hunt includes 80 pheasants caught per hunter. Of course, you can also hunt a higher number of pheasants, which are already for an additional fee. The payment is always for the number of pheasants caught. Each hunter has a gun loader with him, who at the same time counts pheasants caught. Common pheasant and wood grouse are hunted, the latter being offered to hunters for a variety of hunting. Please choose the date that suits you best and confirm the date with the provider. The hunt begins with a ceremonial start accompanied by hunting fanfare. After the instructions, the hunters are placed in the first camp and the hunt begins. Pheasant hunting has several locations depending on the hunters requirements. At the end of the hunt, there is a ceremonial parade with fanfare and a transfer to the hunting lodge, where the king of the hunt is crowned and, if requested, a hunting court is held.

 If desired, accommodation can be arranged in luxury hotels with own transport (Buly Arena Kravaře, Hotel Imperial, Zábřeh Castle, Hotel Belaria or Hotel Katerain).


             Hunting in Albertovec pheasant   2023/ 2024

Minimum catch in 1 day is 500 pheasants, optimal is 1000+ pheasants.

Every hunting guest must have a Czech hunting license to hunt. To issue a Czech hunting license, we need:

  • a color copy of your passport,
  • firearm license and hunting license,
  • the processing of a Czech hunting license including insurance costs 40 Euro per person.

Bullets 0.45-0.50 euro/piece (we have 12, 16 and 20 gauge bullets available).

For the hunt, we will require a 35% deposit of the expected catch, payable after the date of the hunt has been agreed upon. The additional payment for the hunt and the services connected with the hunt will take place after the end of the hunt, it is only possible to pay in cash.