Pheasant farm Albertovec was founded in the 19th century by the Prussian princely family of Lichnovský from Vošice and Werdenberg. In 1887 and 1893, Emperor William II also hunted in it. Pheasant farm Albertovec is located between Ostrava and Opava near the state border with Poland. On an area of 809 ha, rugged terrain alternates with plains allowing for attractive hunting combined with a view of the surroundings. In the newly renovated hunting house right in the pheasant area, the last hunt, the announcement of the king of the hunt and the hunting court take place to the sound of hunting fanfares and in the spirit of hunting traditions. Hunting habits and traditions are observed during the entirety of the hunt which most find relaxing and quite enjoyable. After the end of the hunting day, guests can also order dulcimer music and sit with friends by the fireplace in a beautifully and modernly equipped hunting lodge.Pheasant hunting in Albertovec is organized with regard to the maximum enjoyment of the hunt.

                          History of pheasants in Bohemia

Pheasant hunting inherently belongs to the traditional, main and most important type of hunting. They are the crown of the hunting season in the Czech Republic. The first mention of pheasant breeding in our territory dates back to the 14th century. At that time, the Colchis pheasant was widely bred, which is distinguished from today's pheasant by the missing white collar around the neck. The abundance of Colchis pheasant breeding was so great that this pheasant earned the epithet Bohemian pheasant. To this day, many hunters call the Colchis pheasant the native game of our territory. The appearance of the Colchis pheasant in Europe is accompanied by a legend that is very attractive from a historical point of view, but unfortunately not true. Allegedly, the pheasant was discovered by the Golden Fleece seekers, the so-called Argonauts, who sailed along the Black Sea from Greece to Colchis. From there, live pheasants were brought to Greece and further spread throughout Europe.


Ing. Tomáš Bittner


Michaela Čečivová BBA.